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Unlock the power of MetaCopier, the modern cloud platform designed for useful functionality and effortless trade replication between MetaTrader 4/5, DXtrade and cTrader accounts

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Embark on the future of copy trading with Our platform seamlessly combines user-friendly design with pro features, providing unparalleled customization, control, and efficiency for an elevated trading experience.


MetaTrader / DXtrade / cTrader

You can seamlessly copy trades between your MetaTrader, DXtrade and cTrader accounts for your prop firm trading challenge

Cloud based

No need for installation or Virtual Private Servers (VPS). Simply connect with your browser to get access to

Redundancy and fallback

Each trading account is redundantly connected with an additional fallback mechanism to manage disaster events

Multi-broker support

Connect with various global forex brokers. Enjoy the flexibility to mix brokers and technologies according to your preferences

Multi-currency account management

Seamlessly manage accounts in different base currencies, such as USD, EUR, JPY, CHF, and more

Project and user management

Efficiently manage multiple projects and user accounts for enhanced control and visibility. Useful if you want to share your strategy with your friends

Copying options

Copy trades from multiple masters to multiple slaves without any restrictions


Combine multiple accounts into a single strategy and replicate trades from this strategy to multiple slave accounts

Martingale friendly

Copying trades between accounts with a regular copier can often fail due to inaccurate lot size calculations, leading to losses upon trade closure. Our copier, however, adjusts the lot size based on the martingale multiplier between trades, ensuring more precise replication and minimizing risk

Risk management and account protection

Implement automated risk management tools, such as stop-loss and take-profit settings, to help users protect their investments. We provide Max. Daily Drawdown, Max open trades, Max lot size, Max lots, Max spread pips and more


Automatically add Take Profit (TP) and Stop Loss (SL) levels if they are missing on the master account

Break even

Implement Break Even strategies to secure profits and minimize potential losses, ensuring a risk-aware approach

Trading windows

Schedule and optimize trades within specific time frames or trading windows

Trailing stop

Automatically adjust stop levels based on market movements to optimize profits and minimize potential losses

News filter

Copy orders selectively, ensuring execution only during periods without impactful news, enhancing risk management strategies

Daily profit target

Define a specific daily profit goal, allowing for disciplined trading and strategy optimization


Utilize our API for seamless connectivity, enabling advanced trading strategies, data analysis, and integration with third-party tools


Receive notifications for broker connection status changes or failed order executions, ensuring you stay informed


Open, close, or modify positions at any time

Convenient online payment

Pay at the end of the month without adding funds in advance, providing flexibility in managing your financial commitments

Free trial

Receive a 20 USD credit to start copy trading, allowing you to explore the platform's features without an initial financial commitment


Why choose MetaCopier?


Choose to pay for the accounts you need, without the constraints of pricing brackets or hidden fees. Opt for a straightforward pay-per-account subscription, allowing you the flexibility to use it as you desire. Our services are billed daily, providing you with the convenience of paying only for the days you use the service rather than for the entire month.

Shared hosting

Shared Hosting is an excellent choice for traders looking to do copy trading and automate their trading strategies. With Shared Hosting, multiple users share the resources of a dedicated server to provide a reliable and cost-effective environment for automated trading.

Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting, top-tier for traders seeking maximum performance and control over their trading environment. With a dedicated server exclusively reserved for your needs.

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Our goals

Our main goal is to offer a simple, professional, and stable service to traders who want to replicate trades. MetaCopier was created because there wasn't a reliable trade copier on the market. All competitors didn't satisfy our reability requirements; therefore, we decided to implement our own copier for our private trading project.

Easy to use

Streamlined and user-friendly, MetaCopier simplifies the copy trading process, making it accessible to traders of all levels. No complicated setups - just seamless trading.


Trust is at the core of MetaCopier. Our platform boasts a robust and scalable architecture, ensuring a reliable and consistent performance, even during the most critical trading moments.

Modern and scalable architecture

Stay ahead of the curve with MetaCopier's cutting-edge architecture. Our platform evolves with the latest industry trends, providing you with a modern and scalable solution for your trading needs.

Risk management

Your safety is our priority. MetaCopier incorporates advanced risk management tools, empowering you to set parameters that align with your risk tolerance. Trade with confidence, knowing your investments are protected.

Copy settings

Tailor your trading experience with customizable copy settings. Choose what, when, and how you replicate trades, putting you in full control of your investment strategy.

Well documented

Access comprehensive documentation that guides you through every aspect of MetaCopier. Whether you're a seasoned trader or new to copy trading, our documentation ensures you have the information you need at your fingertips


Just follow our step-by-step guides to start using MetaCopier


Optimize your trading success by seamlessly connecting and integrating with top-tier tools

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Optimize your trading success by seamlessly connecting and integrating with top-tier tools


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